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New World Coffee

With the advent of the third wave of coffee, drinkers worldwide began returning to the essence of the beverage. Third wave coffee is characterised by an earnest desire to fully understand how everything—from the variety of trees chosen and the environment they are cultivated into the multitude of ways that the beans are processed, roasted and brewedcreates the memorable flavours, aromas and appearances we associate with an excellent cup of coffee. From the seed to the cup, the third wave movement strives to shine the spotlight on the genuine character of coffee. The movement aspires to elevate coffee to the privileged artisanal status it so rightly deserves by encouraging drinkers to savour it in the same way they would a fine aged wine, thereby creating a new appreciation for the beverage.

Traditional coffee-producing countries in the so-called coffee belt, which spreads across Africa and Central and South America, grow several varietals of beans, each with their own distinctive characteristics, that have won the admiration of drinkers worldwide. However, as the scope of the coffee market continues to expand, an influx of new producers is rapidly gaining popularity. These new world producers, located in areas such as central Vietnam and northern Thailand, are taking advantage of their unique soil and climate conditions to cultivate their own distinct styles of beans, providing coffee enthusiasts with new, exciting ways to enjoy a cup of their favourite beverage. New world coffee offers a constantly increasing selection of exhilarating flavours for drinkers to try.