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We connect through the love of coffee, respect for nature and culture. 

About Brew-da

The story of Brew-da starts the very moment we begin enjoying a cup of coffee. We invite you to take a whiff of the enticing aromas, savour the complex flavours and immerse yourself in the mesmerising stories behind each and every brew.

Each coffee bean possesses its own vitality that embodies the soil it came from and the painstaking labour of the farmers who cultivated it. 

Everything—from the way the beans are processed, roasted and brewed to what food you prefer pairing with your coffee and even what mood you are in when drinking it—has the potential to unleash surprisingly different flavours. Therein lies the greatest joy of coffee!

Brew-da has searched high and low for the specialty coffee from new world producers, located in regions like central Vietnam and Northern Thailand, to provide you with the freshest drinking experiences. 

In addition to coffee, Brew-da is also bringing a collection of ecological tea from a respected tea plantation in Northern Thailand, operated by a third-generation Chinese family originally from Kun Ming, China.

We wish to inspire you with the fascinating stories about the origins, communities and cultures behind our products.

Meanwhile, we believe our handpicked selection of premium brewing equipment will enrich the time you spend brewing your favourite cup. Join us and let’s experience the excitement of exploring the vast world of coffee and tea together!